About us

Our company offers you various types of fences, gates, balustrades and gratings. Our products are high quality at favorable
prices. Our anti-corrosion protection, galvanized steel made in German galvanizing plants
and high-quality powder coatings
guarantee long-lasting protection and aesthetic appearance for many years to come.

Our fences are manufactured according to different designs and individual orders.
We also advise on what should be used to drive the gates.

We guarantee professional advice, precise manufacture, fast delivery, and our specialized fitter groups
guarantee the highest quality of assembly.
We are constantly striving to expand and modernize our company.

Our craft services are much appreciated. All of our employees have extensive experience in blacksmithing.

In addition, each year they participate in various training sessions, so they are up to date with various innovations and optimum technical solutions.

We take on challenging, ambitious jobs, aiming to satisfy the most discerning customers.
Thanks to us, your property will have a unique charm and increased security for you and your loved ones.