Professional installation of the fence - quickly, efficiently, cleanly and respecting the rules of OHS.
We use high quality parts for assembly, such as:
stainless steel screws
protective covers (technological)

Different variants of fence installation: clinker, curbs.

We install quickly, efficiently and cleanly.
We provide professional advice.
Drives and fences are subject to warranty and under competitive and flexible prices.


Drives for gates

Do you still remember TVs without remotes?
Unthinkable nowadays, isn't it? Still, you do get out of the car to open the gate manually,
go five meters and come back to close the gate.
Or, for convenience, you leave it permanently open so that anyone can enter your property.
You can forget about it if you install a modern drive for your gate. They are no longer expensive and can be installed quickly.
Just press the button and the door opens automatically.

These are broken down into two categories: drives for hinged gates and drives for sliding gates.
Depending on your requirements, you will find the right drive here. Allow yourself this daily comfort.
We offer Sommer drives for both hinged and sliding gates.